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Fiocchi 556nato 55gr Fmjbt 50/1000

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Fiocchi 556nato 55gr Fmjbt 50/1000
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The shooter who prefers Fiocchis Shooting Dynamics line of ammunition fires it because its a remarkably cost-effective means of enjoying their AR-15 all day at the range, and also because it evinces its Italian manufacturers love for great quality throughout each and every one of its components. This 5.56x45 round accordingly features a precisely formed brass casing which is inherently sturdy enough to withstand multiple reloads, a sensitive primer which will not deposit a weapons action and bore with corrosive residues, and clean burning propellant which guarantees consistent chamber pressures and muzzle velocity. This round sports an M193 projectile, a 55 grain bullet with a lead core enveloped by a full metal jacket.

Features :
  • 3240 FPS
  • Brass Case
  • Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail

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